I want to go swimming with dolphins.

Ever heard of swimming with ‘wild dolphins’? Secret Soul organises several dolphin trips per year. We start our journey to the magic Sataya Dolphin Reef in the Red Sea (Egypt) together. There, we will stay a whole week on a comfortable safari boat with delicious food, an attentive crew, surrounded with the beautiful fauna and flora of the 5km long coral reef and the dolphins. Secret Soul makes programs per trip, providing meditations, relaxations, massages, yoga, foot reflex massages, coaching à la carte… From my own experience, I can assure you, you will return reborn. A recommendation for those souls amongst us who want to gain from a consciousness expansion. Travel dates are announced on this site and on our Facebook page Secret Soul. You want more information or you like a personal meeting? Please Feel free to come along or give me a call

In the spring of 2017 I started my practice Secret Soul as a health coach. A very important part of this are the revitalization trips to Sataya Dolphin Reef (Red Sea-Egypt) where we go snorkelling with wild dolphins in respect for nature and animals.
How I ever got there? Well, in 2015 I met a woman who organized a trip and because I felt deep inside that this was the ideal opportunity to strengthen the bond with my daughter Emma, I did not hesitate for one second!
I just knew that I had to be there at that moment, very intuitively. Even as a child, I was already fascinated by dolphins and Egypt. And that fascination only got bigger!
I lost my heart and it became very clear to me: this is my soul mission.
Bringing  people in contact with these magical creatures is my soul purpose, because that’s what they are, those sweet dolphins. They can help us so much in our processes and accelerate our growth in consciousness.
During these trips you will get the opportunity to come to your essence in peace and with the necessary guidance. I hope to be able to take you on one of my magical inner journeys.

I was born in Quseir, a city in the South of Egypt, close to the Red Sea.  Since I was a little boy, I learned about the sealife, going out fishing with my family.  A few years later, I became one of the most professional and youngest captains in the Red Sea. I used to sail from the North side of the Red Sea to the deep South, where you can see the beauty of my country Egypt.  Then I learned to dive and became dive master.

Since I was young, I got in touch with the beautiful Egyptian spinners.  To me, these dolphins are one of the most amazing things in my life.  They bring me joy and happiness and made me a better human being.  I feel their love and see myself as their true friend.  I can feel them smiling and really connect with their heart.  Even when they cry or feel sad, I can feel that.

Together with Hilde, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you on our Secret Soul dolphin trips in Sataya.